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As part of our continued dedication to the addiction and mental health field, Orion offers a range of services specifically targeted for the development and implementation of technology solutions. With the right technological solutions, addiction and mental health services across the country can be better equipped to handle complex cases, manage increasing workloads and improve patient care.

Development and Implementation Services

The field of mental and addiction healthcare is a unique field, requiring specific solutions. Orion understands these complex needs and offers comprehensive services to target them. By incorporating the art and science of mental health treatment with technological solutions, Orion can help organizations achieve more with:

  • Program Evaluation: Orion helps evaluate healthcare technology project implementation supportexisting programs through a combination of user feedback and workflow analysis services, helping to identify key potentials within systems. Since Orion also has a focus on behavioral and mental health, we also target clinical best practices within our program analyses.
  • Grant and Proposal Development Coordination: Grants and proposals are a large part of the funding for addiction and behavioral healthcare, which is why we offer behavioral and addiction health grant fulfillment solutions.
  • Clinical Workflow Improvement: Streamline your back-office systems with more effective workflows from Orion. We’ll help you implement effective technological systems to reduce data entry, improve accuracy and make real strides toward improving patient care.
  • Software Integration and Interoperability: Software is the backbone of modern healthcare systems — Orion can help make your system better with custom behavioral healthcare technology solutions. We integrate your systems to minimize double-entry and improve efficiency and accuracy, so patients get the care they need.
  • Data Analysis and Research: Orion can help set up systems for data analysis and research, improving your organization’s understanding and use of outcome factors for planning and awareness.
  • Data Warehousing and Management: Orion has provided behavioral health centralized data management and warehousing solutions to several organizations, helping to improve data reporting and reduce duplication within complex health information systems.
  • Custom Screening and Reporting Development: Orion will help develop custom electronic behavioral health reporting software for your organization by collecting and formatting data as needed for clinical forms and analysis.
  • Software Procurement Planning and Implementation: Implementing a new system is an involved process, especially in a healthcare setting. Orion likes to keep the process simple and easier to understand, helping your organization every step of the way with planning and implementation services.

With our extensive knowledge of advanced technology and our expertise in the field, Orion is uniquely capable of handling any project. We bring effective modern solutions to the substance abuse and behavioral health industry, no matter how extensive.

Orion’s Previous Work

Orion has developed a strong history of collaboration with several organizations, from government agencies and universities to private institutions and healthcare providers. We’ve helped fulfill grants, conduct research, improve workflows and more. No matter what solutions are needed, we strive to help organizations achieve them. Some examples of the work we’ve provided over the years include:

  • Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health: Orion was awarded a contract with Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services Division of Behavioral Health to provide a custom-built centralized data system, designed to improve patient care by reducing duplicate data entry and streamlining workflows.
  • Access to Recovery (ATR) Initiative: Orion was selected as part of a national initiative to provide recovery choices for individuals seeking a way out of substance abuse. Orion developed, implemented and supported a voucher management system as part of this initiative.
  • State Outcomes Measurement and Management System (SOMMS) Project: The SOMMS project was a federally funded multi-state project that was awarded to Orion. The project involved analyzing and refining state systems for reporting National Outcome Measures (NOMs) data to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

By working on such projects and collaborating with multiple other organizations over the years, Orion has developed a reputation as an organization that truly brings results. To learn more, please view our case studies and testimonials.

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