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Orion Healthcare Technology offers revenue cycle management to providers across the United States. Our outsourced billing services help behavioral health professionals manage payments, record transactions and process claims. With more than 40 years of combined experience in billing and claims management, our nation-wide service is dedicated to serving the behavioral health, mental health and substance abuse/addictions field with timeliness and accuracy, helping your practice generate revenue more cost-effectively.

How It Works

At Orion, we want to make billing as straightforward as possible for behavioral health practices and other health organizations. We like to keep our processes simple and easy to understand, and the same goes for our billing services. Here’s how our revenue cycle management works:

  • Send: Send Orion all of your billing information, including patient information, day sheets and more. Weekly or daily submissions let us bill your payments on a regular basis. We use a secure fax line and email to keep your information safe.
  • Work: Once all the information is collected, we take it from there, entering patient data, sending electronic claims, monitoring authorization processing reports, and following up on denied or unpaid claims. We’ll handle everything from reporting and data processing to submitting unpaid claims — just leave it to us.
  • Benefit: With Orion handling everything for you, your practice gets your information processed and reports sent as needed. With that, you get peace of mind, all while improving cash flow and organization.

Orion can also assist your organization in provider enrollment processes, setting your practice up in insurance company networks. Our provider enrollment services include researching insurance company requirements, assisting with form completion, submission and following up on contract status. With consistent contact with insurance companies, we expedite the process of setting your organization up as an In-Network Provider.

If you don’t have a billing specialist on staff who understands CPT and revenue codes, we can assist. Request our coding review and setup services, and we’ll assign your services the proper codes. We’ll even see if you can develop more billable services for behavioral health assistance. Once we finish our review, we’ll create a master list of services and their corresponding codes.

You may also ask us to audit your current billing needs or train your staff on the basics of behavioral health billing. We can develop an improvement strategy with a checklist of tasks that will improve your process. If you request training, we’ll send someone on-site to teach your staff in person.

Uses and Features

Both small and large health providers and facilities alike count on Orion as their company for behavioral health billing services. Smaller practices without dedicated billing specialists can rest assured that they have an expert to help them. Meanwhile, larger organizations can free up resources to focus on other tasks. When you work with us, you’ll get features such as:

  • Invoice statements: We prepare every invoice and send them to you to forward to your clients. You don’t have to generate invoices on your own, but you still have the opportunity to use your own cover letters and stationery.
  • Custom reports: Every week or month, we provide detailed reports tracking the information you request. Choose from the wide range of reporting options we offer based on your practice’s needs. Order patient statements, outstanding claims, provider totals and more. If you send us your self-pay information, we can give you comprehensive records.
  • Medicaid and Medicare billing: Our specialists can bill Medicaid and Medicare services in all 50 states.
  • Percentage-based fees: We understand that every practice has a different budget, so we calculate your charges based on the payments collected each month. You only need to pay a portion of what you earn. Organizations of all sizes can afford to use our services.
  • HIPAA-compliant: At the beginning of a client’s services, we both sign an agreement that includes HIPAA policy and procedures. We have a contractual obligation to follow HIPAA, so you can rest assured that your clients’ data will stay safe.
  • Available for EMS: While we specialize in helping behavioral health organizations, but emergency medical services can also use our billing services.

Our clients use our revenue cycle management to track their payments, inform their financial plans and improve their quality of care. We work with every client to ensure they receive the specialized services they need.

Benefits of Outsourced Billing

outsourced medical billing service

Why should your practice choose to outsource behavioral health billing services? The truth is, many clinicians don’t have the time or experience to take care of billing, and few have the resources to hire an on-staff billing team. With an outsourced behavioral health claims management service to handle data entry, statement preparation, filing and follow-ups, your practice benefits from:

  • Expert Service: Orion’s healthcare billing services are provided by a team of healthcare billing experts with extensive experience in the field. With unparalleled accuracy and dedication to the job, we ensure all forms are filled out correctly, accurately and quickly, so you’re reimbursed properly for your work.
  • Professional Resources: We also operate our own clearinghouse, meaning we can submit claims directly to over 1000 insurance companies, including Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more. Because of this process, you’ll be reimbursed faster and have more opportunity to improve your cash flow.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: With outsourced billing, your organization can free up in-house resources significantly. Instead of tasking your employees with time-consuming billing tasks, they can work on quality assurance, organization and improving patient care.

Along with these benefits to outsourced behavioral health claims management, Orion also has a focus on behavioral and mental health. We have an intimate understanding of the field and know the specific needs of mental health billing — that’s what makes us one of the best mental health billing companies in the industry. We will do all the work for you.

When all is said and done, Orion will make sure your organization gets its healthcare billing services completed on time and accurately, improving revenue with a valuable, cost-effective outsourced behavioral health billing service.

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