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AccuCare Electronic Health Record (EHR) FAQs

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An EHR like AccuCare offers a multitude of benefits once you understand how it can help you. Do you have a question about our AccuCare EHR’s benefits, security or implementation? Read on for the answers you need.

EHR Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an EHR System?

The acronym “EHR” stands for “electronic health record.” An EHR application manages electronic versions of a patient’s information. It gathers chart information such as medications, history, progress notes and other details in one location. Your staff can take care of scheduling, contracts, billing, case management and more from a single program.

EHRs such as AccuCare increase efficiency and accuracy in your behavioral health practice. You and your staff can help patients faster and more effectively.

Are EHRs Secure?

Developers design EHRs with patient confidentiality in mind. We took the same approach when we created AccuCare. AccuCare has a protected online portal that complies with all security guidelines. Our behavioral health consultants understand the privacy needs of practices and their patients. That’s why we developed AccuCare to follow HIPAA regulations. It also meets the requirements for clinical documentation and reporting. We store all your information on secure servers and conduct frequent backups. You can have peace of mind knowing that your clients’ data has encryption, tracking and firewall protection.

What Are the Benefits of EHRs for Clinicians?

Implementing an EHR will significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you need to manage. As a behavioral health professional, you no doubt understand how much documentation your industry requires. It can take a long time to fill out, file and send paperwork by hand. AccuCare automates most of your documents and records, giving you more time to focus on your patients. The software organizes your records and allows you to sort or send them with the click of a mouse.

When you use an EHR like AccuCare, you will notice an increase in your organization’s productivity. Instead of searching through file cabinets for the records you need, you can find them in the software’s electronic chart system. If your patient comes from another practice, you can request records from their previous provider and primary care physician. No fax or mail is needed — simply access your patient’s information in the EHR system. This fast communication allows you to coordinate with other providers and offer a higher quality of care.

In addition to enhancing your communication with other clinicians, AccuCare lets you send and receive information from your patients’ pharmacies. You can increase the accuracy and safety of your prescriptions. AccuCare’s medication management features alert you to potential drug interactions and reduce mistakes. Your AccuCare application also gives you access to a national database of pharmacies that accept electronic prescriptions. When you prescribe medication electronically, you send the information over immediately. These features get medicine to your patients more quickly than before.

What Are the Benefits of EHRs for the Patient?

AccuCare and other EHRs make behavioral healthcare faster and more accurate. They allow your patients to transfer their records between practices much more quickly than if you relied on fax or mail. With up-to-date information from your patient’s providers, you can make more accurate care decisions. EHRs speed up all aspects of care, so your patient saves time at appointments. You can set an EHR to send automatic reminders to your patients about important health information. AccuCare will help you communicate more clearly with your patients and offer them quality care.

How Does an EHR System Save Time in an Office?

All parts of a healthcare organization benefit from using an EHR. A practice’s office staff often manages multiple tasks at once, including prescription coordination, file management and billing. AccuCare simplifies every aspect of these activities. Office workers can manage schedules and appointments using the system’s scheduling features.

The AccuCare billing and insurance features allow you to process payments and insurance coverage quickly and accurately. Our software tracks and organizes patient files, saving you time normally used for filing. If a patient requests a prescription renewal, the office can get approval from the clinician and send a request to the pharmacy entirely in AccuCare.

How Do I Implement the EHR System?

AccuCare has a simple setup procedure that doesn’t require installation. We store your information and software on our secure Internet servers. You access your personalized system through your web browser just as you would when you’re visiting a website.

When you start using AccuCare, your Orion specialists will adjust and update the software to address your needs. They will change AccuCare’s security features, backup frequency and other key features. Once you have a system that works for your practice, our customer support team will offer ongoing support.

What Is the Complete Implementation Process?

Every organization that purchases AccuCare software works with a qualified team. You get your very own project director and financial, technical and clinical staff. These Orion Healthcare Technology specialists will guide you through the EHR implementation process. You will receive support every step of the way between purchase and use.

When you prepare your AccuCare software, you don’t have to install a new program. It is a cloud-based application, meaning you access it using the Internet. Your dedicated support team will help you enter your organization’s dedicated version of AccuCare. During initial setup, you decide your system’s settings with assistance from an Orion employee.

Once we establish your AccuCare settings, you can get ongoing help from our customer support team. They will provide guidance and advice on using your EHR to its fullest potential. If you have any questions or issues, they will guide you through the solution. Visit our Support page for step-by-step guides and video tutorials that explain popular features in the program.

How Long Does It Take to Transition to an EHR System?

Your Orion Healthcare Technology experts will install your system and maintain it. AccuCare has a web-based design that allows us to implement it as soon as possible. The length of the full implementation process depends on the nature of your transition. For example, if you have a large number of paper files to transfer to the system, you will need more time than a practice that already has electronic records. Our customers have their software up and running anywhere between two days and two months.

If you worry about the amount of time you will need to switch to AccuCare, please contact one of our representatives. We provide free phone consultations where we discuss what you need from your EHR software. After you describe your current situation, we can estimate how long it will take to implement an AccuCare system. It’s possible to establish a completely new EHR in less time than you think.

Do You Have Training That Teaches Me How to Use Your EHR System?

We have a wide range of training options for your organization that suit every level of skill and budget. Our phone and webinar training sessions allow you to connect with an Orion team member no matter where you work. Request in-person training, and we’ll come to your worksite to train your staff members in every aspect of the AccuCare system. You can send a few team members to our headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska to learn how to educate the rest of your employees about their new software. After the training period, you can ask for help from our customer support team at any time.

Is the Information That’s Stored in the EHR System Backed up Anywhere?

The safety of your patients’ records is our top priority. We frequently make secure copies of client data and store them in a separate place from the original. Our technical team backs up the data stored in AccuCare every day. You may also request a higher backup frequency when we calibrate your settings during initial setup or ask us to change them later. In the event of an emergency or data loss, we can provide you with the most recent backup.

How Do You Manage Upgrades to the EHR System?

Our team handles every AccuCare update and upgrade remotely. Your practice doesn’t need to hire IT employees to take care of your EHR. Orion specialists ensure you have the latest technology and security updates. We add new features and upgrades to your system completely free of charge. You get our newest questionnaires, client categories and security enhancements at no extra cost.

We make our system updates as unobtrusive as possible. Some software updates can last for hours, making the application unusable. When an upgrade forces you to wait, you waste time that you could dedicate to your patients. AccuCare has instant updates that cause no extra downtime. Instead of waiting for a loading bar to increase, you can provide critical care to patients in need.

I Have a Different Question, or I Want to Try the Software out Before I Buy It. Can You Help Me?

Feel free to contact us any time to learn more about the AccuCare EHR software. You can request a demo by submitting our online form. An Orion representative will get in touch within a day.

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