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An electronic health record, or EHR, is a software system that handles electronic versions of a patient’s healthcare history. This replaces the traditional paper chart system, containing all of the important records about a patient like their medications, progress notes, demographics, vitals, history and more. The EHR system not only keeps this information but also tracks it and compiles it, automating basic functions while allowing for more streamlined reporting.


The AccuCare web-based EHR software takes these functions to the next level, providing the ability to access records securely through a web application. By operating through the internet, AccuCare allows for infinite scalability so the software can grow with your organization. To learn more or to request a free demo of our software, call 844.359.0540 today.

Features of AccuCare

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Each of these features offers real benefits to behavioral health organizations, including improved efficiency, accuracy and patient care. Don’t just take our word on it — we’ve helped several healthcare organizations achieve more with the AccuCare software. Read more by checking out our testimonials and case studies page.

AccuCare EHR

Orion’s AccuCare web-based EHR and Practice Management System is designed from the ground up to serve behavioral health and addiction professionals. As a specially designed software system, AccuCare addresses the technological needs of modern practices while catering to the specific functions involved in the behavioral health and addictions field. By combining clinical, management, financial, and research components, the AccuCare system streamlines workflows for entire organizations while offering advanced functions that contribute to continued growth and advancement.

Benefits of AccuCare

When you choose Orion’s AccuCare software, your practice will benefit from increased:

Security: The website, which is your gateway to AccuCare Web, is dedicated to complying with all HIPAA regulations, along with federal and state guidelines for clinical documentation and reporting. Since client confidentiality is crucial for clinical treatment, we’ve enlisted the most sophisticated firewall protection, encryption and tracking — so you can have ease of mind knowing your client data is safe.

Efficiency: Nowadays, we’re all about getting more done faster. AccuCare is effective and easy to use, allowing the staff at your agency to have more time to spend with your clients. AccuCare’s daily system back-ups, instant application updates and dedicated customer help desk provides your team the support it needs to perform at a high level. Our secure, state-of-the-art servers are extremely fast, so you won’t have to worry about annoying delays while you’re trying to get work done. Our IT professionals work hard to keep the system functioning seamlessly, freeing your practice from re-allocating both staffing and budgeting resources for building and maintaining networks, assigning IT professionals and installing and upgrading the software.

Convenience: Since AccuCare is a web-based software, you can securely access data in the program from anywhere internet connection is available — allowing almost unlimited networking and integration capabilities for your agency.

In addition to these benefits, we frequently update this system by adding new security measures, additional clinical tools, billing functions, staff management features, and more. You get all this for a low monthly subscription fee — no additional software or hardware costs and no customer support fees.

AccuCare as an ASAM Software

On top of its functionality and featured benefits, the AccuCare behavioral health practice management software is one of few decision support software that can be customized to meet ASAM or other placement criteria. Using the Decision Support wizard, users can set up the ASAM (or other criteria) and severity scoring as well as rules (required, conditional and exclusionary) to follow a guided path to the admission process. Our reports organize treatment priorities and suggestions according to those criteria, which can be modified to fit your agency’s model. A powerful tool to enable comprehensive solutions through evaluation and placement.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Orion Healthcare Technology’s AccuCare behavioral health software is a collaborative effort that involves pairing a highly trained Orion project team with your organization to achieve a seamless implementation. Orion assigns a project director, billing, clinical and technical staff to your account, who will work with your agency to achieve the following key steps:

  1. Set-Up: Since AccuCare is web-based, no installation process is necessary. Instead, you simply set up the program using Orion’s dedicated, secure web servers. This means you can access this SaaS program from your own computer without installing any software.
  2. Implementation: Orion’s team adjusts the software to meet your needs, updating the software and adjusting key settings like backup frequency, security features and others.
  3. Continuing Support: Following implementation, Orion’s customer support team will provide ongoing customer service and technical support for your users. This includes online training tutorials, phone conference support and demonstrations.

If your organization needs additional support, we are happy to provide it! AccuCare’s End-User training provides on-site training resources to your users as needed, so your staff can use the system to its fullest potential.

The AccuCare Opioid Risk Tool (ORT)

Opioid addiction harms people across the United States. Behavioral health patients are especially vulnerable to abuse. AccuCare’s Opioid Risk Tool (ORT) uses a research-supported screening tool to determine a patient’s risk of opioid-related aberrant behaviors.

Enter the answers to nine yes-or-no questions, and the ORT calculates a score showing the patient’s risk level. You can then publish a detailed report of the patient’s information, answers and score. These results allow you to monitor high-risk patients and direct them to the appropriate treatment.

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If you’re looking for improved efficiency through automation, AccuCare’s electronic behavioral health billing and EHR software is the solution you need. For a free demo and to see how AccuCare can work for you, call 844.359.0540 or contact us today to discover the AccuCare difference!

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