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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse and EHR Applications

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Substance abuse is a hot topic in modern medicine, with the prevalence of alcohol and prescription medication abuse increasing substantially over the past decade. As such, improving the quality and availability of substance abuse treatment has been essential in modern medicine. Part of this improvement involves increasing the efficiency of administrative tasks supporting these services. Many substance abuse clinics still use paper records in their practices, but an increasing number are turning to electronic health records.


Substance Abuse Counselor with Patients

Orion’s EHR system is specially designed for the behavioral health field and features numerous tools that can provide substance abuse practices with the administrative support they need to accommodate the increasing needs of patients in the modern world. With the AccuCare substance abuse EHR and billing software, substance abuse specialists have the technology they need to address the concerns of their patients and staff.

Substance Abuse Billing and EHR Software

Orion’s substance abuse practice management software is designed to support substance abuse counselors and their staff, addressing the unique needs of the field. Offering a combination of clinical, financial, management and research functions, the AccuCare substance abuse software system is designed to help professionals and their patients by offering the following functions and benefits:

  • Minimized Data Entry: Paper-based administrative systems often require a great deal of repetitive data entry, which not only eats up time but can also increase the number of mistakes made. In the case of substance abuse, this can be incredibly detrimental to a patient’s progress in their treatment cycle. The Orion substance abuse software system minimizes this repetition by automatically filling out progress notes, forms and documentation with previously compiled data so counselors and their staff can focus on what’s important.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Access to patient history and data is essential to their progress in a substance abuse program, as it can give insights into their behavioral patterns. That’s why Orion’s centralized data system is an important part of the substance abuse software. The system compiles all collected data and organizes it for easy access so counselors can see detailed information. The data can also be analyzed as part of the substance abuse treatment plan software to create a basic framework for counselors to use.
  • Medication Management: Accurate medication management is of particular importance in substance abuse cases. The AccuCare system helps by making communication easier for providers and pharmacists and checking prescriptions for potential negative drug and substance interactions. This helps to keep patients safe as they go through treatment.
  • Streamlined Billing Management: Even with so many other administrative tasks to manage, billing is essential for professionals and their practices. Orion’s AccuCare system can make this process easier with substance abuse billing software. Our billing software for substance abuse counselors automatically creates invoices and checks on past-due claims, so your team’s billing tasks are kept to a minimum. The system also supports several electronic billing systems and payment options so your practice has as many pathways for reimbursement as possible.

These benefits are made even better by Orion’s staff of technical professionals. We offer comprehensive services for the AccuCare software system, including customization, implementation, integration and training services, so you get the most out of your substance abuse EHR software and provider.

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