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Substance abuse and addiction is a hot topic in the modern world, and rehabilitation centers are becoming even more essential as the problem of addiction persists. To allow rehab centers the time and resources to maintain high-quality services, they’ve had to maximize efficiency in all of their administrative tasks, especially when it comes to data maintenance and billing. This is where Orion’s EHR system comes in. The AccuCare addiction rehab EHR software is perfect for centers trying to maximize their efficiency, with essential functions that can help your rehab center achieve greater control over all of its administrative tasks.

Practice Management System for Rehab Centers

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While some rehab centers are still relying on time-consuming paper-based systems, most modern rehabilitation centers have turned to electronic systems — namely, EHR software like that offered by Orion. However, Orion offers more than a simple EHR and billing solution. The AccuCare system is uniquely designed for the addiction rehabilitation field, providing a combination of clinical, financial, management and research functions that help professionals achieve more.

Some of the features the system offers include:

  • Minimized Data Entry: Paper-based administrative processes require vast amounts of data entry, most of it highly repetitive. Not only does this consume valuable time and labor, but it also increases the likelihood of human error. Both of these factors can be costly to rehab centers, negatively affecting their operations and their patients’ quality of care. Orion’s addiction rehab EHR software helps minimize this repetition with automated data entry, taking information from progress notes, forms and documentation to complete new paperwork, so your therapists and general staff can focus on patient care.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Access to patient history and data is essential to rehabilitation centers, giving insights into patient behavioral patterns. This is why the centralized data system provided by AccuCare is critical. This system compiles all collected data and organizes it so counselors can see detailed patient information. Even better, the system integrates information from patients’ previous healthcare providers and can export information just as quickly, so patients get continuous, high-quality care even after they leave your rehab center.
  • Medication Management: Accurate medication management is hugely important at rehab centers, since patients are often recovering from histories of substance abuse. The AccuCare EHR system for rehabilitation centers helps make medication management easier, tracking prescriptions and facilitating communication between providers and pharmacists while also monitoring for potential drug and substance interactions. All of this helps keeps patients safe as they progress through the treatment process.
  • Streamlined Billing Management: On top of all these other tasks, AccuCare also serves as billing software for rehabilitation centers. This module of the AccuCare system automatically generates invoices, checks on past-due claims and updates current outstanding balances for each patient, all while keeping your labor costs to a minimum. The system also supports several electronic payment options, so your center can accept as many reimbursement methods as possible.

All of these functions are also backed by Orion’s team of expert technicians. These dedicated staff members offer comprehensive support for the AccuCare system, from customization and integration to training, so you can get started with AccuCare immediately.

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