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Mental health organizations across the world are transitioning to electronic health record systems. However, while mental health is a huge component of behavioral health, few systems are specifically geared to it. That’s where Orion’s AccuCare electronic health record (EHR) system come in.

Orion’s mental health practice management software, AccuCare, is specially designed for the mental health field. We know administrative tasks are as essential to the mental health practice as treatment processes, which is why we offer several features to help make those administrative tasks easier. With the AccuCare web-based EHR and billing software for mental health professionals, we give mental health professionals the tools they need to address the advanced situations of today’s mental healthcare industry.

Uses for Mental Health EHR Software

Mental Health Counselor and Patient

Orion’s AccuCare mental health EHR software is designed for the modern mental health field. Combining clinical, financial, management and research capabilities, this EHR for mental health providers helps therapists, their staff and their patients experience greater results with:

  • Automated Data Entry: Paper-based administrative and recording processes require a huge amount of repetitive data entry, increasing the chances of error. Orion’s mental health software minimizes this repeated entry with several automated systems. The mental health automated progress notes system automatically copies notes across patient history reports, assessments and other forms, while the documentation software copies pertinent information from a patient’s file to appropriate forms. This saves time while minimizing errors, improving a patient’s overall quality of care.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Orion’s mental health therapy software creates a centralized patient data system using all information collected. This data is organized and compiled at every point in the treatment cycle for easy access by the provider, contributing to improved patient care. This centralized data system also makes it significantly easier to create reports for research and analysis.
  • Medication Management: The AccuCare mental health system software makes patient medications easier and safer to prescribe, communicating updates between providers and pharmacists quickly while monitoring patient information and history for potential drug interactions.
  • Assessment and Supplementary Tools: The AccuCare system comes with several tools to help develop plans and assessments for mental health patients. Our mental health treatment plan software includes everything from screening and supplemental tools to supplementary materials covering social factors and domestic abuse cases.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: Orion’s system improves scheduling practices, as well. The intuitive scheduling interface allows you to track, view and edit events easily and integrates with the rest of the system so events are included in patient reports and billing workflows.
  • Compliance Maintenance: Compliance with HIPAA requirements is a primary concern for healthcare organizations today — Orion understands the concern and can help your organization maintain compliance. Our system uses stringent security measures to ensure patient data is kept secure and that only authorized individuals can access information.
  • Billing Management: Your revenue stream is a huge part of your practice as a business, which is why AccuCare also serves as a web-based mental health billing provider. The AccuCare mental health billing software automates your billing processes, compiling services into invoices and sending electronic bills to patients and insurance providers. With plenty of payment options, our billing software for mental health professionals will help your practice get reimbursed properly.

On top of these benefits, the AccuCare system is backed by Orion’s experienced technical team. We’ll help you with customization, integration and training services so you can get the most out of your system from day one.

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