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Hospitals across the nation are already well on their way to completely transitioning to electronic health record systems, benefitting from the reduced paperwork and increased speed these systems deliver. However, while many hospitals offer mental and behavioral health departments, few hospitals have practice management and EHR systems designed explicitly for these fields. This is where Orion’s AccuCare behavioral health software for hospitals can be of service.

Features of Mental Health EHR Software

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Orion’s AccuCare EHR software for hospitals is designed for the modern mental health field. It combines clinical, financial, management and research capabilities into a single comprehensive system. This practice management system provides mental and behavioral health therapists and their hospitals greater results with the following features:

  • Automated Data Entry: Paper-based administrative and recording systems require massive amounts of data entry, which is why many hospitals have at least partially transitioned out of using them. Orion’s behavioral health software for hospitals helps with this by providing automated data entry functions. The system automatically copies data from a patient’s history reports, assessments and forms and populates other documents as needed, keeping manual data entry to an absolute minimum. With this function, hospital therapists can save time, minimize data entry errors and focus on improving patient care.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Orion’s practice management software for hospitals creates a centralized patient data system for your organization, using all the information collected from the mental health department to create a comprehensive database. This centralization makes it significantly easier to pull patient information, create reports and analyze group results.
  • Medication Management: The AccuCare behavioral health software also assists with medication management for patients, communicating prescription updates between providers within your hospital system and monitoring patient information for inconsistencies and potential drug interactions.
  • Assessment and Supplementary Tools: AccuCare comes with several pre-configured, customizable tools to help therapists develop plans and assessments for their mental health patients. Our treatment plan software includes everything from screening and supplemental tools to supplementary materials, covering virtually every topic.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: Orion’s system improves appointment scheduling, too, with an intuitive interface that lets you track, view and edit appointments quickly and easily. Any updates to these events, such as appointment notes, are also transferred to patient records and billing workflows for easier back-office processing and patient tracking.
  • Compliance Maintenance: Compliance with HIPAA requirements is essential for any healthcare organization, and Orion has that covered too. Our system uses stringent security measures to protect patient data at all times.
  • Billing Management: Your hospital’s revenue stream is critical to your business, and AccuCare can help keep it flowing. AccuCare hospital billing software automates a huge portion of your billing process, compiling services into invoices and sending electronic bills to patients and insurance providers with minimal manual work. With plenty of integrated payment options, our billing software will help your hospital get reimbursed quickly.

On top of these benefits, the AccuCare system is backed by Orion’s team of technical experts. Our dedicated staff can help with anything you need, from integration to training, so you can start using AccuCare to its fullest potential.

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