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Emergency Medical Services

Outsourced Billing for Emergency Medical Services

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Emergency responders are everyday heroes who help us in our times of need. EMS offices provide critical medical care in urgent situations, so staff members often have packed schedules. However, an EMS provider has a limit on the resources they can use, and some services hire volunteers to save money.


Outsourced billing for EMS lets staff members dedicate more time and energy to serving patients. Orion Healthcare Technology offers outsourced billing for firefighters and EMS teams that lets you focus on emergency care.

EMS Revenue Cycle Management Features

Orion can provide outsourced billing services to EMS and other similar organizations, in addition to behavioral health practices. Our nationwide service has more than 40 years of combined experience in billing and claims management.

The benefits of hiring our revenue cycle management team for EMS include:

  • Affordable Rates: We charge a percentage-based fee every month that comes from the total amount of money collected. This fee does not take charged but uncollected bills into account. As a result, you pay what your earnings let you afford.
  • Consultation Services: Sometimes, your staff needs a little help to get started with efficient billing. Our coding review and setup services will assign codes to every type of care you offer. We can also audit your billing process or train your team in revenue cycle management. Ask us for as little or as much assistance as your EMS organization needs.
  • Custom Reports: We can send you a detailed report every week or month that shows the data you specify. You can ask for reports covering provider totals, outstanding claims, patient statements and more. Let us track your billing details, so you can focus on urgent issues.
  • Medicaid and Medicare Billing: Our team can bill for Medicaid and Medicare services in all 50 states. We’ll help you provide immediate care to patients with all kinds of financial needs.
  • HIPAA Compliance: As part of the registration process, we sign a HIPAA form together with the client. Our specialists dedicate themselves to keeping all patient data safe, including information on emergency patients.
  • Generated Invoices: We prepare billing statements for every patient who uses your services. You then have the option to add custom stationery or cover letters and send them to your patients.
  • Direct Provider Relationships: Our billing department has its own clearinghouse, which means we can submit claims directly to providers. We don’t need to send claims to a separate service. Thanks to this process, you get faster reimbursements and accurate data.

In addition to these benefits, you receive dedicated customer service from our team. Our live Help Desk provides an immediate response to urgent issues, and our team responds to other inquiries within a day. We work with every client to meet their individual needs.

Learn More About EMS Outsourced Billing Services

It’s time to focus on saving lives instead of calculating bills. Let us help you establish an affordable and efficient billing process. Request a free consultation and estimate today by calling us at 844-359-0540 or contacting us online today.

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