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Drug abuse therapy is a large part of addiction therapy, requiring a great deal of patient treatment and monitoring. It also requires a very specific set of administrative tasks to support the treatment process. With paper systems, these administrative duties consume massive amounts of time, which is why so many drug abuse therapists are turning to electronic health record software.

Orion’s electronic health records system is uniquely tailored to the behavioral health field and includes a variety of features that make it an ideal drug abuse EHR software. With the AccuCare web-based EHR system, drug abuse therapists have the tools they need to support their specialty while improving patient care.

Drug Abuse EHR and Billing Software

Drug Abuse Counselor on Phone

Orion’s drug abuse practice management software is designed for drug abuse counselors and their staff, addressing the unique needs of their specialty in the modern world. With a combination of clinical, financial, management and research functions, AccuCare is uniquely designed to help drug abuse counselors, their staff and their patients with:

  • Minimized Data Entry: Paper-based systems require immense amounts of repetitive entry, which consumes the time and efforts of drug abuse counselors and their staff. It also increases the chances of a transcription error, which can negatively affect the progress of patients in their treatment cycle. The Orion EHR software minimizes this repetitive data entry with automation, meaning all unique data only needs to be entered once.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Access to a patient’s history can be a significant boon to their progress in drug abuse counseling, which is why Orion’s centralized data system is so essential. This centralized system compiles every aspect of a patient’s collected data, organizing it for easy access. This way, counselors can easily see a patient’s detailed history. Simultaneously, this information can be extracted for analysis and reporting, both on individual and group scales, for research and assessment.
  • Medication Management: Medication management is particularly important for patients struggling with drug abuse, and the AccuCare system can help. The system makes it easy for behavioral health administrators and pharmacists to communicate accurately when discussing patient prescriptions and refill patterns. On top of that, the system checks for possible drug interactions that could pose a danger to the patient’s health, improving patient safety.
  • Compliance Maintenance: HIPAA guidelines, specifically the 42 CFR Part 2 standards, are explicit about the confidentiality of drug and alcohol abuse treatment. That’s why Orion takes great measures to ensure the security of your patient data through secure networks and advanced permissions systems.
  • Streamlined Billing Management: Managing your practice’s revenue stream is a huge part of your organization — Orion can keep it going strong. Bill patients and their insurance providers accurately and quickly with a billing software for drug abuse counselors, offering multiple payment options and following-up on claims so that you are reimbursed appropriately for your services.

On top of it all, AccuCare is supported by Orion’s staff. We offer comprehensive customization, integration and training services to help you get started with your system.

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