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Behavioral health organizations across the world are discovering the benefits of switching to electronic health record systems for case management services. Unlike paper-based processes that take time and physical resources, EHR software systems are built for efficiency. Even better, with Orion’s electronic health records system, your organization benefits from a system specially designed for the mental health field and case management functions.

Case Management EHR and Billing Software

Orion’s AccuCare web-based case management EHR software is built from the ground up to serve the healthcare industry, addressing the technological needs of modern behavioral healthcare organizations. Combining clinical, financial, management and research functions, the AccuCare case management EHR service specifically benefits clinical case management operations with:

  • Minimized Repeat Data Entry: Paper-based processes force your staff to repeatedly enter data with every interaction with a client, making case management tedious and time-consuming. It can also lead to errors in the system due to handwriting mistakes and transcription issues. The Orion EHR software minimizes these issues with automated field entry, eliminating repetitive data entry. With the Orion software, you only need to enter unique data once!
  • Centralized Data Access: Orion’s healthcare case management system centralizes all data entered, compiling and organizing information as it’s entered. This means all the data for a single case is easier to access for the case manager, streamlining their workflow and allowing them to focus on the patient. This centralized system also means data can be easily collected for reporting and analysis functions.
  • Improved Patient Care: AccuCare’s features are designed with the patient’s care in mind, from data organization to forms. To improve patient care, the system even includes several pre-made forms, assessments and supplemental materials to help case managers monitor patient progress, including discharge and follow-up materials. With these tools at a case manager’s disposal, they can better understand a patient’s health status and track their progress well after the treatment cycle ends.
  • Compliance Maintenance: Compliance is a major concern for behavioral health organizations, especially in case management functions. For this reason, many case managers enjoy the security offered by EHR systems — Orion’s system specifically helps healthcare organizations in their compliance with HIPAA guidelines by featuring comprehensive security measures to protect patient data.

On top of it all, the AccuCare system is backed by Orion’s technical staff. We’ll help you integrate this incredible clinical case management software into your existing workflow with comprehensive customization, training services and more.

Billing Software for Mental Health Case Managers

Billing is also a huge part of case management. Managing the revenue cycle appropriately is essential for healthcare organizations, and can Case Manager Greeting Patienttake substantial time and resources. Make it easier with an automated billing software that does the work for you.

Orion’s AccuCare system offers flexible, configurable automated billing settings to help with everything from coding to invoices. Send electronic bills to both patients and insurance providers, ensure their accuracy and follow up on claims quickly with a billing system designed for case management. The system even compiles your financial data to generate reports, making it easier to monitor your revenue stream.

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