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Behavioral health encompasses a broad range of therapeutic practices, from mental health to addiction treatment. With such a wide range of services, behavioral health practices need an administrative system that can keep up. While paper-based systems waste precious time and resources, behavioral health therapist EHR services can keep back-office processes running smoothly.

Orion’s electronic health records system is specially designed for the behavioral therapy field. Serving as everything from a counseling notes software to a behavioral therapy billing system, the AccuCare web-based EHR system from Orion provides behavioral therapists with the tools they need to address the technological and administrative needs of the modern behavioral healthcare industry.

Benefits of Behavioral Health Therapy EHR Software

Behavioral Therapy Counseling Session

Because they offer a wide range of services, behavioral therapists struggle to find an EHR

provider that meets their complex needs. Behavioral therapists often handle co-occurring disorders, including related mental health and addiction disorders, and many EHR systems simply aren’t equipped to handle such issues appropriately. Orion’s AccuCare system is the perfect co-occurring treatment software solution, designed from the ground up to provide support for behavioral health therapists.

The AccuCare behavioral therapy practice management software simultaneously combines clinical, financial, management and research modules to streamline back office processes, while keeping patient data intuitively organized to handle separate treatment plans. These qualities offer incredible benefits to behavioral health therapists, including:

  • Eliminated Repeat Data Entry: Paper-based processes often require repeated data entry, especially for patients undergoing multiple therapy plans. Orion’s system minimizes this repeated entry through smart forms, meaning data only needs to be entered into the system once, saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Orion’s EHR creates a centralized patient data system, compiling and organizing information from every point in the patient treatment cycle, regardless of how many treatment cycles they undergo. This means faster access and greater organization for behavioral therapists. This centralized data system also makes it easy to create reports for your organization.
  • Easier Medication Management: The AccuCare web-based EHR system makes prescribing medication easier and safer, identifying potential drug interactions and quickly communicating updates between the behavioral healthcare provider and pharmacist.
  • Customizable Tools: The AccuCare system also includes a variety of pre-designed, customizable tools, plans and assessments to help in the treatment process. The software includes several pre-designed screening and supplemental tools covering a variety of areas involved in addiction and mental health treatment, sample treatment plans and ASI-based assessments.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: Orion’s system allows your staff to schedule appointments quickly, with intuitive interfaces that allow you to track, view and report on events with ease. This information is then compiled into the central system, flowing seamlessly into progress notes and billing workflows.
  • Improved Patient Care: AccuCare’s features are designed with both behavioral health therapists and patients in mind. This addiction treatment plan software features follow-up and recovery support features to help support and track clients as they exit treatment cycles.
  • Compliance Maintenance: Compliance is a primary focus of many modern behavioral healthcare systems, and AccuCare is no exception. Unlike paper systems that can be physically stolen, our system has advanced security features to keep your patient data safe.
  • Clinical Relevance: Orion’s behavioral health system doubles as DSM-5 software. Behavioral health therapists can easily access diagnostic criteria and codes that may be relevant for a patient’s treatment and overall diagnosis. The DSM-5 software conveniently integrates with the rest of the patient’s electronic health record.

As a behavioral health therapist EHR provider, Orion backs its system with trained technical staff, and with comprehensive customization, integration and training services to help you get your system running the way you need it to.

Behavioral Health Billing Software

Billing is another huge part of a behavioral therapy practice that takes up time and affects the organization’s revenue cycle. That’s why Orion is also a behavioral health billing software provider — AccuCare offers a billing module designed with flexible, configurable automated settings. Bill patients and their insurance providers accurately, and automatically schedule follow-ups on outstanding claims. The system even helps compile data from appointments to create financial reports.

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