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Managing an addiction therapy practice involves much more than treatment. From scheduling and billing to patient outcome and data management, administrative tasks are essential to an addiction therapy practice’s structure. Each task requires meticulous management and time to foster the best results for patients, especially in time-consuming paper-based systems. Improve your addiction therapy organization’s back-office functions with an electronic health records system that works with your practice.

The Benefits of Addiction EHR and Billing Software

Addiction Therapy Counseling Session

Orion’s electronic health records (EHR) system is specially designed for the mental health field, offering features to help practices manage administrative duties more efficiently. With the AccuCare web-based EHR and practice management system, behavioral health and addiction professionals have the tools needed to address the technology needs of their specialty, including addiction therapy.

Orion’s AccuCare Web-based EHR and Practice Management System is designed for addiction therapy professionals, addressing the technological needs of modern practices. Originally designed as an ASI assessment software, the AccuCare addiction EHR software combines clinical, financial, management and research modules to specifically benefit your addiction therapy organization. Just a few of these benefits include:

  • Eliminated Repeat Data Entry: Paper-based processes often require therapists and their staff to enter the same data repeatedly throughout each patient’s treatment cycle, consuming time and increasing the chances of error. The Orion addiction EHR software minimizes repeated data entry through automated field entry. This automated process means your staff only needs to enter data once, allowing your patient to move through the addiction therapy process without the need for repeat entries. Not only does this process save time, but it also minimizes costly mistakes.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Orion’s ASI addiction treatment software creates a centralized data system for your practice, compiling information from every aspect of the patient treatment cycle, from intake and assessment to treatment and progress. This means all the information needed to keep up on a patient’s progress is easily accessible by the therapist, reducing the amount of time spent collecting data and improving the quality of treatment. In turn, patient group data can be compiled from this system to deliver meaningful reports.
  • Easier Medication Management: The AccuCare web-based addiction EHR system helps make medication management easier for therapists and safer for patients, improving the efficiency and speed with which prescriptions are communicated from provider to pharmacist. With e-prescribing, prescription transcriptions and refills are updated accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of problematic drug events and conserving time for both behavioral health administrators and pharmacists. The system even monitors patient medications and alerts addiction therapists when a patient’s prescription combination may cause adverse effects.
  • Automated Billing Management: Billing is a huge part of any addiction therapy practice, and Orion’s billing software for addiction therapists is designed to make it easier. Bill patients and their insurance providers accurately and automatically schedule follow-ups on claims with addiction billing software. The system even helps your practice compile data from appointments to create financial reports.

On top of it all, the AccuCare web-based addiction EHR system is backed by Orion’s staff. We’ll work with you to create custom clinical forms and integrate the system into your workflows. We even provide training and consulting services to get your team started with the software. With Orion’s AccuCare system, your practice can achieve more.

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