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A variety of specialties across the behavioral health field can apply the AccuCare system in their daily operations. Some of the main electronic health record applications Orion built AccuCare for include:

  • Mental Health: Mental health is a significant subsection of behavioral health, pertaining primarily to the psychological and emotional well-being of patients as a part of their overall condition. Many electronic health record systems fail to cater to this field appropriately, but Orion’s AccuCare EHR and Billing System features many mental-health oriented modules, like assessments, supplemental materials, automated data entry and medication management.
  • Addiction Therapy: Addiction therapy caters to a wide variety of individuals with varying treatment needs, making administrative and back-office duties like scheduling, billing and data management essential. Orion helps by streamlining these tasks with the AccuCare EHR system, which Orion tailored to the addiction therapy field. In fact, Orion originally designed the AccuCare system as an ASI assessment software!
  • Behavioral Therapy: Behavioral therapy considers how human behavior affects overall well-being, and often aims to change behaviors for the benefit of a patient. As a whole, this field encompasses a broad range of topics and specialties, from mental health to addiction treatment, meaning they must offer a wide range of services. Orion’s AccuCare offers an equally wide range of features to help.
  • Social Work: Social work is a large part of the behavioral health field, working with individuals, groups and communities to improve the overall well-being of all involved. By applying AccuCare to this field, professionals can benefit from a system designed to streamline their most tedious functions.
  • Case Management: Case management involves the assessment and monitoring of patients and the coordination of services to help them through behavioral health challenges. To help patients in the best way possible, case managers must have efficient systems and accurate records — this is where AccuCare can help. Built for efficiency and accuracy, AccuCare is the best EHR application for case managers.
  • Drug Abuse: Drug abuse therapy is a subsection of addiction therapy, addressing the abuse of illegal substances and helping patients reduce their dependency. The field requires close monitoring of patient care, as their conditions can rapidly deteriorate. AccuCare can help with a set of functions that make patient records management easier for drug abuse professionals.
  • Substance Abuse: Substance abuse pertains to issues including the abuse of legal drugs like alcohol and prescription medication. With these issues on the rise, improving the quality of substance abuse therapy is sorely needed, and AccuCare can help. With easy-to-use features and modules designed for the field, AccuCare is an excellent EHR solution for substance abuse therapists.

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