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Orion Healthcare Technology Resources

Here at Orion Healthcare Technology, we want to be sure that you are given all of the resources you need as a mental healthcare professional.

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What we do

Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Billing Applications

Created by a team of clinical professionals, AccuCare is a fully integrated and secure EHR and Billing System designed to help streamline the critical areas of your practice. Use our built-in workflow to treat your client or pick and choose which areas you wish to automate in your treatment.

Orion Healthcare Technology support and services

Because your data is held in the AccuCare cloud, it’s safer and more efficient than ever. Access your data from any computer with internet access and run multiple reports

Outsource Billing Services

The last thing you need to worry about is whether you will get paid after treating a client, and you have far better things to do than sit on the phone with an insurance company for hours. Let our experienced billing professionals take that load off of your mind. Orion Billing Service is a claims processing and patient accounting service focused on the needs of the Addictions and Mental Health field. Your billing specialist will enter your client data, prepare statements, track authorizations, file claims, and follow up on unpaid claims. With over 30 years combined experience in the behavioral health field, you can be sure that you have a billing service that understands your needs and the requirements of your field.

Training and Consulting 

Orion Healthcare Technology offers numerous training and consulting options suitable for a wide variety of learning styles for organizations needing to effectively train their staff on the use of technology with clinical and billing best practices.

Custom Development and Project Implementation

We strive to provide custom solutions for the field, whatever that solution may entail. Working with multiple organizations over the last 20+ years to fulfill grants, conduct research, improve workflows, and more, we have been recognized as an organization that can bring results. Are you looking for an experienced technology company to help you complete a project for your organization or a grant/funding source?




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