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Access to Recovery (ATR) Initiative

Access to Recovery (ATR) Initiative

Orion were selected by two different tribal grantees that were awarded the ATR Grant as a nationwide presidential initiative to provide choice to individuals who are seeking recovery from substance abuse. The goal of the project was to develop and implement a custom designed, web-based voucher management software system to manage over $30 million dollar budget for client treatment and recovery support services. Full custom software development and interoperability, consulting, project management and dedicated help desk support were provided.

About the ATR Initiative:

President Bush, in his 2003 State of the Union Address, announced a new three-year, federal treatment initiative, Access to Recovery (ATR). ATR was designed to help Americans that are suffering from substance abuse and addiction. These afflicted Americans are to get help to find treatment by providing vouchers to individuals seeking assistance.

Achieving recovery is a personal pathway that can include: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual paths. With a voucher, people in need of addiction treatment and recovery support are given the choice to select the programs and providers that will help them the most. The idea behind this initiative was to give more choices to protect these individuals and encourage quality in their recovery.

Learn more about the ATR Initiative here.

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