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Orion is your partner for customized, expertly established solutions, offering a variety of technologies and services to meet your agency’s needs. These products include AccuCare Electronic Health Record (EHR) and billing applications, outsource billing services, training and consulting and custom development and project implementation. Each of Orion’s products is specifically tailored to meet the needs of addictions and behavioral health practices in the modern healthcare world.

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Empowering People to Make a Difference in the Behavioral Health Field Since 1992

When it comes to mental health and addiction services, bringing patients expedient yet quality service is vital. Patients with behavioral health problems can experience rapid changes in their conditions based on a variety of internal and external factors and need healthcare providers that can respond appropriately. While quick responses are a necessity, over a third of mental health providers are still bogged down by time-consuming paper-based systems. Orion offers a better solution for behavioral healthcare.

Orion’s products, including the AccuCare EHR, bring increased efficiency and responsiveness to healthcare organizations, with quality behavioral health software and services from a vendor dedicated to the field. Our products simplify case management, outcome research and billing for addiction and behavioral health practices with automated software and professional services explicitly geared toward the field.

Orion can help your organization achieve more with regards to both your staff and your patients, with processes and solutions that are simple and easy to understand. On top of it all, our focus on behavioral and mental health means we bring solutions tailored to the behavioral healthcare field. With Orion’s full suite of solutions for behavioral health, practitioners can focus less on their systems and back-office functions and dedicate more time to their patients.

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Your Partner for Customized & Expertly Established Technology Solutions

Orion is a behavioral health electronic health records software vendor, offering a variety of services to meet the needs of the behavioral health field. Our services cover everything from our AccuCare EHR software to outsourced billing solutions, bringing your organization the technology and services it needs to improve efficiency and productivity through quality outcomes for every patient.

Since 1992, Orion Healthcare Technologies has been dedicated to improving and empowering organizations with advanced solutions for behavioral healthcare. With a cohesive team of talented individuals, we work together to meet the needs of the addiction and mental health field.

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